American Standard Aluminium Glass with grids 80 Series Slim Frame Windows

The thermal break casement window is a revolutionary product in the door and window industry. It combines the durability and strength of aluminum profiles with advanced features that providing excellent insulation and safety. This innovative window design creates many advantages: good sound insulation, impact resistance, air tightness, water tightness, fire resistance, and high security performance.

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The core of this remarkable product is the concept of the thermal break design. Casement windows are characterized by a heat-insulating rubber strip in the middle of the aluminum profile. This intelligently placed rubber strip acts as a thermal barrier, effectively insulating heat and preventing the exchange of indoor and outdoor temperature. As a result, thermal break casement windows can maintain a comfortable indoor climate year-round, reducing the demand on heating or cooling hence saving energy. One of the outstanding features of this window is its excellent sound insulation. The rubber strip combines high-quality materials and rigorous construction to effectively block external noise and create a peaceful & quiet indoor environment. Whether you live on a busy street or near a bustling market, Thermal bridge casement windows can guarantee tranquility within your home or office space. Safety is the most important issue when it comes to windows and doors and this product can beyond your expectations. The multi-point locking system enhances strength and security, reassuring you that your space is well protected.微信图片_20231219103332
Place of Origin: Foshan, China
Product name: Casement/ Swing window
Opening Pattern: Horizontal
Design Style: Modern
Open Style: Casement
Feature: Windproof, soundproof
Function: Thermal break
Project Solution Capability: graphic design
Aluminum Profile: 1.8mm Thick, The Finest Extruded Aluminum
Surface Finishing: Finished
Hardware: China Kin Long Brand Hardware Accessories
Frame Color: Black/White Customized
Size: Customer Made/Standard Size/Odm/Client Specification
Sealing System: Silicone Sealant
In addition, casement windows have good anti-fire performance, which minimizes the risk of fire spreading and higher the overall safe level of the building. There are two kinds of thermal break casement windows: inward opening type and outward opening type. Both options offer large opening areas for embracing natural light and ventilation. Fresh air circulates freely to maintain a healthy indoor environment. In conclusion, thermal break casement window is an innovator in the development of windows and doors. Its excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, impact resistance, air tightness, water tightness, fire prevention, high security and other characteristics make it as the first choice for discerning individuals and enterprises. Upgrade your living or workspace with this innovative window solution and enjoy the benefits of enhanced comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.微信图片_20231219103356
Brand Name: Oneplus
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Glass: IGCC/SGCC Certified Fully Tempered Insulation Glass
Glass thickness: 5mm+20A+5mm
Glass Blade width: 600-1300mm
Glass Blade heigh: 600-1900mm
Glass style: Low-E/Tempered/Tinted/Coating
Screens: Mosquito Screen
Screen Netting Material: King Kong
After-sale Service: Online technical support,Onsite Inspection
Application: Home ,Courtyard, Residential,Commerical,Villa
Packing: Packed with 8-10mm pearl cotton, wrapped in film, to prevent any damage
Package: Wooden Crate
Certificate: NFRC Certificate,CE, NAFS

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